Building a proxy server

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Building a proxy server

Ashish Parajuli

I am trying to build a HTTP proxy. The listening and accepting module is already ready. I want to use libwww to get the request (data) from the client, make some modification to it and send it to the destination server.


  1. A live socket descriptor is given after a TCP connection from the client is established.
  2. I need to get HTTP data from this descriptor using libwww. (I want all the chunk handling and parsing of headers to be done by libwww)
  3. I need to parse this data, do some modification to it and send it to the destination server.
  4. I don’t need to tamper any HTTP headers only the data portion needs to be modified.
  5. I also need to create my own request and send it to the destination server with anything being sent by the client.


How do I use a live socket and bind it with libwww and get data to and from client and server.


Any help will be highly appreciated.


And does anybody use libwww nowadays I don’t seem to find any posts in the mailing list. Has libwww become obsolete.




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