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Bugfixes Committed

Ian Campbell Jacobi

Apologies for the delay.  I've committed several fixes for bugs in cwm,
including the report last month from Albert.  In particular, the following
files feature bug fixes.

- uripath.py (2 bugs): Albert's bug mentioned last month, as well as a small
superficial bug where canonicalization would percent-encode capital J.
- cwm_maths.py, cwm_set.py (several bugs): Several bugs relating to builtins in
these files were fixed (the bugs were typos resulting in non-working builtins)
- cwm_time.py, cwm_times.py (1 bug): Neither accepted ISO time strings including
the timezone marker 'Z'
- local_decimal.py (1 bug): Issue parsing decimals in string form.

Ian Jacobi