Bug: New characters jump around the screen as typed.

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Bug: New characters jump around the screen as typed.

Version: Amaya 11.3.1 (Dec 9 2009)
OS: Windows XP

Steps To Reproduce:

1. create a new .html doc (I used HTML Transitional)

2. Ctrl U-O to show the source pane

3. enter the following elements inside the BODY

<h2>H2 Block</h2>
<div style="float: right">Div</div>

then Ctrl-S to save.

4. Ctrl-U-H to close the bottom pane, only the wysywig pane
   is visible now

5. position the cursor after the "k" in "Block"

6. press [Enter] to start a new paragraph; the cursor
   appears on a new line as expected

7. start typing any characters, e.g. "1234"

A this point I should see this

H2 Block

but right after I type the "1" the cursor unexpectedly
jumps back up to a point right after the "k" and I see

H2 Block1234

If I hit [Enter] after the "4" then the screen redraws
itself and the lines appear properly, like this.

H2 Block

Additional editing below the H2 Block results in blocks
of paragraph text jumping around the page. Very disturbing.