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[Bug 26753] currneet-output-uri

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johnlumley <[hidden email]> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from johnlumley <[hidden email]> ---
current-output-uri-00[23] assert
ends-with(/out,'fn/current-output-uri/results...') to check the determined
output-uri for a normal and a result document. These locations are relative to
the test sources, but the XTtest schema suggests that this might not be the
correct location.

The documentation for assert-result-document/@uri states:

The uri corresponds to the URI used in the href [error in schema documentation
- should be uri - jwL] attribute of the xsl:result-document instruction. It is
supplied as a relative URI, interpreted as being relative to the implicit base
output URI chosen by the test driver.

Hence it is possible (or even likely) that the outputs (and hence values) could
be elsewhere.

A common alternative case might be where all results are held in a single
separate file tree, such that:


<assert-result-document uri="second/current-output-uri-003.xml">

These tests can be added as alternatives, but aren't particularly taxing.
I'll think about some more taxing possibilities.

[Sorry about the title spelling - finger trouble and hitting Ctrl-S too early]

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