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[Bug 2425] Additional XSLT functions

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------- Additional Comments From [hidden email]  2005-10-30 15:35 -------
There's never been any desire to add functionality to XPath or XQuery simply
because it was already present in XSLT (whether in XSLT 1.0 or 2.0): each
language has its own set of requirements, and while there has been a lot of
effort to achieve commonality in areas where the languages have overlapping
requirements, the aim for both XPath and XQuery has been to keep the language as
small as possible consistent with meeting its stated requirements.

Many of the XSLT-specific functions are concerned with providing presentation
and rendition capability, which is not seen as a core requirement for XQuery
(it's not explicit in the published requirements, at any rate: I agree that many
people would like to use the language for that purpose and will find the absence
of format-number and format-date frustrating.).

We'll soon be starting a process of gathering requirements for XQuery version
2.0 and that will be the right time for this kind of comment. It's too late to
affect version 1.0.

Michael Kay
(personal response)