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Norman Walsh
Hi Norm,
I read through the new spec and it looks good.  I have just a couple of

1.  The first example in C.6 uses frigid="line=2,6".  Unless you are
introducing a refrigerator identification system, I think that should be
fragid. 8^)

It also says "There are four of them", but I think lines="2,6" is inclusive,
so that would be five lines, no?  The output example seems to include the
fifth blank line that puts </pre> on its own line.

2.  In C.7, the example of attribute copying, I would like to see a second
example that replaces xml:id.  I presume that works even when the xpointer
is using the xml:id in the source file to fetch the content.

Regarding xml:id fixup, this feature only applies to the top-level included
element.  If there are duplicate xml:ids in its descendants, then further
fixup will be required after inclusion, right?

3.  This document does not address any improvements to xpointer.  I still
use xsltproc for its implementation of the xpointer() scheme of xpointer,
but that scheme never became a standard.  What is the status of using some
kind of xpath syntax in xpointer?

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises
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