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Better XInclude schema

Laurens Holst-2

Attached you will find a better schema for XInclude, based on the one in
section 3 Syntax of the XInclude specification.

Modifications were:

- Removal of the global fallback element definition.
- Fallback element was moved to local definition inside includeType.
- elementFormDefault="qualified" was added on the schema element
(alternatively, the local fallback element definition could get a
form="qualified" attribute).

With this change, the xi:fallback element will no longer show up and be
valid globally, but only as a direct child of xi:include.

Please keep me CC-ed on responses, as I am not subscribing to the list.


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Laurens Holst, student, university of Utrecht, the Netherlands.
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xinclude.xsd (2K) Download Attachment
lholst.vcf (196 bytes) Download Attachment
smime.p7s (4K) Download Attachment