Bar BoF for IRI issues at Stockholm IETF

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Bar BoF for IRI issues at Stockholm IETF

Mark Nottingham-2
[ apologies if you get this message more than once ]

The IETF/W3C Liaison has been discussing issues regarding IRIs  
(especially when used as protocol elements).

Some preliminary background information can be found at:
(please feel free to add related issues or references to this page)

We'd like to hold a Bar BoF in Stockholm to discuss these issues, as  
well as what form any standards actions would take.

Currently, the plan is to hold it on Thursday evening, after the  
Technical Plenary <>.

If you're interested in attending, please reply directly to me only,  
so we can estimate numbers.

Likewise, if this time slot conflicts with another IETF-related  
activity, please respond to me.

Planning for the BoF itself will take place on the [hidden email]
  mailing list, and further details will be announced shortly.

Kind regards,

Mark Nottingham