Appointments and Chair Announcements for the TAG

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Appointments and Chair Announcements for the TAG

Ian Jacobs-2

I sent this a moment ago to the W3C Membership on behalf of the Director.

Ian Jacobs


I am pleased to announce the appointment of Peter Linss (HP) and
Daniel Appelquist (Telefónica) as new participants and co-chairs
of the W3C Technical Architecture Group. Peter brings to the TAG
many years of experience with Web and related technologies,
especially page layout, printing and rendering. He will continue
as co-chair of the CSS working group. Daniel is respected
worldwide for his expertise in mobile and Web technologies and
had been active in the W3C since 2001, as an Advisory Committee
representative, as a Working Group co-chair, and as an instigator
of activities such as the Mobile Web Initiative. Both Daniel and
Peter have prior experience on the TAG.

This is an exciting time for the TAG. We have many new
participants who play key roles in developing critical new Web
technologies including HTML5 and Web Applications, and so we have
a unique opportunity to reshape the TAG's focus. Our new chairs
will have the opportunity to help the TAG plan and deliver this
important work.

Noah Mendelsohn has been a member of the TAG since 2004 and the
co-chair since early 2009.  Although Noah's term would have run
for a few more months, he and I agree that making this change now
will give our new chairs an opportunity to engage with the TAG
before the priorities for our next round of work are set. He has
kindly volunteered to resign his position early to free space for
the new appointees, and also to volunteer his time in the coming
months to assist them and the TAG during the transition. I want
to thank Noah for his many years of service to the TAG and to the

These changes will become official on 1 June. The TAG will be
meeting 29-31 May. Our new chairs will join us, along with Noah,
and we expect that this will be an exciting opportunity to start
this new phase of the TAG's work.

Ian Jacobs <[hidden email]>
Tel:                                          +1 718 260 9447

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Re: Appointments and Chair Announcements for the TAG

Noah Mendelsohn
A few minutes ago, Tim Berners-Lee announced [1] that as of June 1, Daniel
Appelquist and Peter Linss will take over as chairs of the W3C Technical
Architecture Group. I have been a member of the TAG since 2004 and chair
since early 2009. Serving on and chairing the TAG has been one of the most
exciting and rewarding things I ha€™ve done, and I a€™m extraordinarily
grateful that Tim and the TAG have given me the opportunity.

The TAG is very lucky to have Dan and Peter as new chairs. I have worked
closely with both of them. They bring a combination of deep experience in a
range of the most pertinent technologies, enthusiasm, chairing expertise,
and years of experience working on the TAG. Tim has made an inspired
choice, IMO, and I am very glad to support this transition.

My current appointment would have run for a few more months, but the TAG is
in the process of resetting its agenda and priorities for the next two
years. Bringing in Peter and Dan now gives them opportunity to help the TAG
plan as well as deliver this work. To free space for our new chairs, I will
resign my position on the day they join. I will attend the TAG'€™s upcoming
meeting in London and I expect to continue to work informally with the TAG
and the new chairs over the next few months.

This is  a particularly exciting time for the TAG, and if we had not
needed "my"€ slot for our new chairs, I would have been happy to continue
as a member until the end of my term. I have particularly enjoyed working
with and learning from our newly elected members, many of whom play key
roles in the development of the most important new Web technologies such as
HTML5, AJAX-style Web Apps, mobile Web apps, etc. Nonetheless, I am
delighted that this change is happening. My teaching responsibilities at
Tufts are increasingly taking time that would otherwise go to the TAG, and
have prevented me from traveling to some overseas W3C meetings. More
important, we are very lucky to have Peter and Dan, and now is the perfect
time for them to take over.

My warm thanks to all the TAG members past and present who have made my
time on the TAG such a pleasure. I look forward to working informally with
the TAG and with all of you in the W3C in the future.

Noah Mendelsohn