Application for HTML Tidy / HTACG to Join the Software Freedom Conservancy

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Application for HTML Tidy / HTACG to Join the Software Freedom Conservancy

Jim Derry
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Dear list subscribers:

I'm happy to announce that I've been in touch with the [Software Freedom
Conservancy][1] in order to ask about having HTACG / HTML Tidy join. After
brief consideration they have asked us to apply for membership.

As part of the application process I would ask that all list members have a look
at the *draft* version of the [membership application][2] that I've posted to
our github community repository:

Of *particular* importance is that we capture (and credit) all developers with
contributions to the project (in the section starting _Please list the names,
email addresses, and affiliations…_). While this most certainly has to do with
legal compliance for licensing purposes, I also want to make sure that anyone
who has made a contribution is properly recognized.

However, please feel free to suggest changes to any of the other content. If you
have a github account I would appreciate it if you issue a PR against the
repository, enter an [issue][3] in the repository, or make discussion on this
email list.

## Pre-emptive FAQ's

### Does submitting an application incur any obligations?

No, it does not. If we are accepted but the community does not agree that we
should affiliate with the Conservancy, then we won't.

### Why do this?

HTACG was formed specifically to ensure continued, responsible stewardship of
HTML Tidy, and to grow the developer community once again. However concentrating
this stewardship into the hands of a small, self-selected group of individuals
is bound to repeat some of the mistakes of the past. Under the umbrella of the
Conservancy we can ensure that Tidy will be maintained well into the future.

I invite comments on the application as described above, as well as suggestions,
opinions, and other comments about this proposal.

Thank you.


Jim Derry
Clinton Township, MI, USA
Nanjing, Jiangsu, China PRC