Announcing MathUI 2016 - the Mathematical User Interfaces Workshop

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Announcing MathUI 2016 - the Mathematical User Interfaces Workshop

Paul Libbrecht-4

Call for Papers: MathUI'16

10th Mathematical User Interfaces Workshop 2016

at the Conference on Intelligent Computer Mathematics

Bialystok, Poland

on Monday 25th of July 2016

please redistribute


MathUI is an international workshop to discuss how users can be best supported when doing/learning/searching for/interacting with mathematics using a computer.

  • Is mathematical user interface design a design for representing mathematics, embedding mathematical context, or a specific design for mathematicians?
  • How is mathematics for which purpose best represented?
  • What specifically math-oriented support is needed?
  • Does learning of math require a platform different than other learning platforms?
  • Which mathematical services can be offered?
  • Which services can be meaningfully combined?
  • What best practices wrt. mathematics can be found and how can they be best communicated?

We invite all questions, that care for the use of mathematics on computers and how the user experience can be improved, to be discussed in the workshop.

TOPICS include

  • user-requirements for math interfaces
  • presentation formats for mathematical content
  • mobile-devices powered mathematics
  • cultural differences in practices of mathematical languages
  • didactically sensible mathematical scenarios of use
  • spreadsheets as mathematical interfaces
  • manipulations of mathematical expressions

This workshop follows a successful series of workshops held at the Conferences on Intelligent Computer Mathematics since 11 years;
it features presentations of brand new ideas in papers selected by a thorough review process, wide space for discussions,as well as a software demonstration session.


The organizers invite authors to submit contributions of 6 to 12 pages on the workshop-related topics in PDF format optionally illustrated by supplementary media such as video recordings or access to demos.

DEADLINE for submissions: May 30th 2015.

Method of submission: please login and submit via EasyChair:

The submissions will be reviewed by the international programme committee whose comments and recommendations will be
sent back by June 19th requesting a final version no later than July 2nd.

Moreover, MathUI will be concluded by an exhibit-like demonstration session. Proposed demonstrations should be sent by email until June 20th, containing a URL to a software description, a title, a short abstract of the demonstrated features, and the indication of hardware expectations (own/lent laptop/tablet, internet access (speed?), power, ...). After a short elevator pitch, the demonstration session will run for 1-3h, each demonstrating to interested parties.


(to be confirmed)

  • Finland
    • Olga Caprotti, University of Helsinki
  • France
    • Jana Trgalova, Universite Claude Bernard Lyon 1
  • Germany
    • Andrea Kohlhase (organizer), Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences
    • Peter Krautzberger, krautzource UG, Bonn
    • Paul Libbrecht (organizer), University of Education of Weingarten
  • Great Britain
    • Chris Rowley
  • Netherlands
    • Jan Willem Knopper, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
  • Spain
    • Daniel Marquès, wiris, Barcelona
  • USA
    • Deyan Ginev, Authorea, New York
    • Elena Smirnova, Texas Instruments Inc. Education Technology

For inquiries please contact