Amaya and Ununtu 11.04

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Amaya and Ununtu 11.04

Laurent Carcone-2

The Ubuntu packages have been republished to fix the non-valid version
string number.
However, some people reported that the menu bar disappeared on Ubuntu 11.04.
Meanwhile we fixed this problem, there are some ways to go round this
. install Unity [1]
. with Classic (Gnome), launch amaya like this : UBUNTU_MENUPROXY= amaya
& [2]
. without using the terminal, in the file
/usr/share/applications/amaya.desktop, change the line:
[[ Exec=amaya %u ]] with [[ Exec=sh -c 'UBUNTU_MENUPROXY= amaya %u' ]]

Thanks to the users who share the infos

Laurent Carcone