Agenda: XML Schema Patterns for Databinding F2F 13-15 February 2007

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Agenda: XML Schema Patterns for Databinding F2F 13-15 February 2007


[1st Draft Agenda. Suggestions Welcome!]

XML Schema Patterns for Databinding Working Group

13th-15th February 2007

5th Face-to-Face Meeting,
Hosted by W3C ERCIM, INRIA, Sofia Antipolis, France.


[closed 2007-02-07]

Remote Participation:
[we can accommodate ad-hoc telcons via irc]

Our goal for this meeting is to prepare for transition of our
Last Call Working Draft of the Basic Patterns document to
a Proposed Recommendation, and progress the Advanced Patterns
document to a Last Call Working Draft

Tuesday 13th February 2007

09:00 Administrivia

   - roll call, introductions
   - scribing
   - approval of minutes:
   - agenda review

09:30 Status Review

    - Roadmap:

    - Action Items:

    - Basic Last Call Issues:

    - Remaining Advanced Issues:

    - Advanced XML Schema patterns for Databinding
    - Test Suite

    Chartered Deliverables:



10:30 Break

11:00 Processing of Basic Last Call Issues

        lc-erh-1 : typo "casue"
        lc-drkm-1 : XPath 2.0 and node-set ?
        lc-psd-1 : WS-I Basic Profile compliant schema import
        lc-jmarsh-1 : XPath Expressions Too Complex?
        lc-jmarsh-2 : Schema Version Attribute
        lc-jmarsh-3 : Duplicate Listing
        lc-jmarsh-4 : Value of @mixed="false" etc
        lc-jmarsh-5 : Grouping of R2800 and R2112
        lc-Microsoft-1 : Support for Attributes
        lc-Microsoft-2 : Element References
        lc-Microsoft-3 : Nested Sequences and sequences other
                         than minOccurs=maxOccurs=1
        lc-Microsoft-4 : schemaLocation
        lc-Microsoft-5 : maxOccurs=finite
        lc-Microsoft-6 : Null enumerations
        lc-Microsoft-7 : Mixing elements maxOccurs=1 and maxOccurs>1
                in the same sequence, or allowing more than
                one maxOccurs>1 element      
        lc-Microsoft-8 : Mixing elements maxOccurs=1 and maxOccurs>1
                in the same inheritance chain
        lc-i18n-1 : BOM link to Unicode FAQ    
        lc-i18n-2 : Working with Time Zones
        lc-i18n-3 : language type to reference BCP47
        lc-pwalmsley-1 : Document or Element Node
        lc-pwalmsley-2 : "node-set" should be "sequence"
        lc-pwalmsley-3 : QualifiedLocalElements
        lc-pwalmsley-4 : UnqualifiedLocalElements
        lc-pwalmsley-5 : ElementFinal
        lc-pwalmsley-6 : ImportTypesNamespace
        lc-pwalmsley-7 : GlobalElement and GlobalAttribute
        lc-pwalmsley-8 : @type colon
        lc-pwalmsley-9 : GlobalElementSequence
        lc-pwalmsley-10 : ElementMaxOccursFinite
        lc-pwalmsley-11 : ElementEmptySequence @name
        lc-pwalmsley-12 : ElementEmptySequence not(node())
        lc-pwalmsley-13 : ElementEmptyComplexType @name
        lc-pwalmsley-14 : ElementEmptyComplexType not(node())
        lc-pwalmsley-15 : Global SimpleType Declarations
        lc-pwalmsley-16 : GlobalSimpleType and GlobalComplexType
        lc-pwalmsley-17 : StringEnumerationType

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Processing of Last Call Issues (continued)

15:30 Break

16:00 Last Call Comments (continued)

17:30 Adjourn

Wednesday 14th February 2007

09:00 Agenda Recap

09:30 Collection of Patterns

   Processing of patterns exhibited by publicly available schemas:

10:00 Break

10:30 Test Suite

   Building Test Suite report from tools;

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Resume

15:00 Break

15:30 Resume

17:30 Adjourn

Thursday 15th February 2007

09:00 Publication of Test Report

10:00 Break

10:30 Publication of Test Report (continued)

12:30 Recap, Review, Schedule

13:00 Meeting Closes