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Doug Schepers-3


I posted a first draft of some issues and considerations for the
inclusion of SVG inline in HTML (text/html).  It's broken down into
bulleted lists for future expansion into prose.  This is very
incomplete, and any additions are welcome.  The first draft was the
result of brainstorming by the SVG WG, and was composed with an attempt
not to solve issues, but to raise them in an impartial analysis; no
undue significance should be placed on categorizing options and points
as "pros and cons", as that is only informed opinion, and subject to

The SVG WG sees it as very important that authors should be able to use
SVG inline in HTML, and that barriers to enabling this should be
overcome by our collaboration.  The CDF WG is also very interested in
this work, as it is currently defining the CDI (Compound Documents by
Inclusion) specifications.

-Doug Schepers
W3C Staff Contact, SVG, CDF, and WebAPI