Actions in OWL, how to model

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Actions in OWL, how to model


Hi All,


I have gone through this guide and I think that I understand it well. I understand that there are classes and instances of the classes and others.

Basically I have a many statements which I have to verify against an Ontology. For example: Eshtablish flag at "area" by 0600h.
Ex 2: Eshtablish fence between area1 and area2 by 0500h. and so I know for example area is an instance of a class, but there can be so many areas. I know that 0500 is a data property of a thing, an area in particular.

The question is that I am unable to understand how to model actions like "Eshtablish" above into what of owl.

I am also assuming that i need a reasoner to validate these real time statements(such as above) which come from the client against an ontology. Is this assumption true?

Another thing is that protege beta(latest) is unable to load ontologies, even the ones it own created, do you have this issue. I am going for older version.