Action Property Issue (Web Services Addressing 1.0 - Metadata)

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Action Property Issue (Web Services Addressing 1.0 - Metadata)

Cindy McNally

According to section 4.4

"Ensuring that there is sufficient information within a message to
distinguish which WSDL operation it is associated with is specified as a
best practice in WSDL 2.0WSDL 2.0. The [action] property provides a
mechanism to fulfill that best practice."

Unfortunately, the default action pattern for a WSDL 2.0 fault message does
NOT "fulfill that best practice."  If more than one operation throws the
same fault, one cannot, using the wsa:action value, distinguish which
operation a message is associated with.

Even if defined explicitly, there is not enough granularity to distinguish.
The atttribute should instead be defined on the fault reference element, and
the default pattern adapted accordingly.

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