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About the teaching of computer sciences

Karl Dubost

It's a long article about Education of computer sciences, and might  
be slightly related to some of the members of the list.

Title: "Power Architecture directions: Two-year-old Academic  
Initiative enhances computer science curricula, seeks to reverse  
student decline"
An interview with Gina Poole, IBM Vice President of Innovation and  
University Relations

This is the intro:

The IBM Academic Initiative began in 2004 as an outgrowth of the IBM  
Scholars Program, with a focus on enhancing the computer science  
curricula at universities around the world and on encouraging more  
students to earn degrees and enter careers in computer science. In  
the two years since its establishment, the IBM Academic Initiative  
has attracted more than 1,900 institutions, over 11,000 faculty  
members, and more than 440,000 students to its training programs.

What are the motivations for the Initiative? How does it work? What  
is outsourcing doing to the job market? Are there still career  
opportunities in computer science in the U.S.?

developerWorks asked Gina Poole about the purposes and directions of  
the Academic Initiative and what it can do for the industry as a  
whole. As IBM Vice President for Innovation and University Relations,  
Gina has worldwide responsibility for developing and executing  
internal programs that drive the IBM strategic imperative for  
innovation further into the IBM culture and external programs for  
collaborating with clients, partners, governments, and academia to  
foster innovation. She was previously Vice President of Developer  
Relations for IBM with worldwide responsibility for the IBM developer  
programs and also led the IBM Academic Initiative. Gina began her  
career with IBM in 1984 as a programmer in the personal computer  
division. She has held a number of management positions in IBM  
software and hardware divisions. She is a certified Project  
Management Professional (PMP) and holds degrees in computer science,  
business management, and economics.

-- Power Architecture directions: Two-year-old Academic Initiative  
enhances computer science curricula, seeks to reverse student decline
Mon, 10 Apr 2006 04:19:14 GMT

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