[ANNOUNCEMENT] Eclipse RDF4J 2.0 released!

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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Eclipse RDF4J 2.0 released!

Jeen Broekstra-5

We are pleased to announce the first stable release of Eclipse RDF4J, the official successor to the OpenRDF Sesame framework.

RDF4J 2.0 is functionally equivalent to Sesame 4.1, but with a number of bug fixes and minor improvements. More importantly, it comes with new package names and new logos. Read the Sesame to RDF4J Migration Guide for detailed instructions on how to upgrade.

RDF4J 2.0 requires a Java 8 Runtime Environment. However we are also providing a Java 7 backport. Released as RDF4J 1.0, this backport is equivalent to RDF4J 2.0, but with several Java 8-specific features (anything involving lambdas, streams, or optionals) removed. We strongly recommend that unless you really cannot upgrade to a Java 8 RE, you use the RDF4J 2.0 release.


We welcome your feedback!


The RDF4J developers