[ANN] XQuery Update Facility Test Suite version 1.0.1

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[ANN] XQuery Update Facility Test Suite version 1.0.1

Andrew Eisenberg-2

The XML Query Working Group would like to announce the availability of version 1.0.1 of the XQuery Update Facility Test Suite (XQUTS) [1]. This test suite reflects the XQuery Update Facility 1.0 Candidate Recommendation [2] that was published on June 9, 2009. It incorporates changes that have been made in response to comments we received on XQUTS 1.0.0.

We have provided release notes [3], guidelines on how to run the test suite, how to provide feedback to us, and how to send your results to us.

We encourage implementors to run this test suite and provide their results to us. If enough positive results are received, then we will be able to request a transition to Proposed Recommendation.

We encourage implementors that have already provided their results to us to send us their results for XQUTS 1.0.1. New test cases have been added, test cases have been modified and in one case the expected result for a test case has changed. The test suite catalog now identifies whether or not to run certain test groups, depending on whether the implementation being tested supports some of the optional features. See "Deciding which test cases to run" in our Guidelines for Running the XML Query Update Test Suite.

                                               -- Andrew

[1] XML Query Update Facility Test Suite

[2] XQuery Update Facility 1.0

[3] XML Query Update Test Suite Release Notes

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