[ANN] XQuery Test Suite version 1.0.3

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[ANN] XQuery Test Suite version 1.0.3

Andrew Eisenberg-2

The XML Query Working Group and the XSL Working Group would like to announce the availability of version 1.0.3 of the XML Query Test Suite (XQTS) at http://www.w3.org/XML/Query/test-suite/.

This test suite reflects the XML Query 1.0 (Second Edition) Proposed Edited Recommendation [1] that was published on April 21, 2009. We have provided guidelines on how to run the test suite, how to provide feedback to us, and how to send your results to us.

322 test cases have been added to test the errata that were incorporated into the Second Edition specifications. A new catalog file, XQTSCatalogSecondEdition.xml, contains a subset of the complete test suite that includes only these Second Edition test cases.

We encourage implementors to run this test suite and request that they provide their results to us by Oct. 15, 2010. Results for the complete test suite are preferred, but we recognize that some implementors will wish to provide results for just the Second Edition test cases. If enough positive results are received, then we will be able to request a transition to Recommendation.

Please note: The WGs have started to add test cases for XQuery 1.1 to the test suite. These test cases are currently found in the "XQuery 1.1 test cases" group. These test cases contain output-file and expected-error elements that specify spec-version="1.1".

                                       -- Andrew

[1] XQuery 1.0: An XML Query Language (Second Edition)

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