ANN: XFormsDB 1.0 released

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ANN: XFormsDB 1.0 released

Markku Laine-2
The newly founded XFormsDB project is happy to announce the release of XFormsDB 1.0.

XFormsDB is an XForms-based, open source framework for simplifying Web application development. It allows authors to build useful, highly interactive multi-user Web applications quickly and easily using purely declarative languages, i.e., does not require authors to write any client-side scripting or server-side programming code at all.

The idea behind XFormsDB is to naturally extend the XForms markup language (can be thought as “XForms Server Pages”) with common server-side and database-related functionalities, such as querying and updating (with or without data synchronization) data stored in data sources, error handling, state maintenance as well as authentication and access control. The extension markup is interpreted by a generic server-side component, which provides the integration services to heterogeneous data sources as well as the aforementined common server-side functionalities. Thanks to Orbeon Forms, XFormsDB also works with all major browsers.

For more information about XFormsDB, please see Markku Laine’s Master’s Thesis presentation and Markku Laine’s Master’s Thesis (especially Chapter 1: Introduction and Chapter 8: Conclusions), which are available at:

XFormsDB is licensed under the MIT license, and is available at Google Code:

Kind regards,

-Markku Laine